Hacking — Ströva

Jun 2013

I just came home from a hackathon, Meet ‘n’ hack, here in Malmö that was aimed at local tourism. I arrived late and missed all the presentations during the Friday, and everyone were already teamed up, so I created my own little prototype. I’ve been thinking about the project for a while, I want to create a widelife app, collecting all information about nature reserves, country walks, hiking etc.

In the spirit of release early, the prototype, Ströva, is now up on Play Store. It’s an Android app that shows nature trails in some twentyish areas of Skåne. It’s very bare bones, but for the seven hours I managed to squeeze in, I’m quite happy with it. And it was awesome to see what all the other teams had produced.

I had great fun building it and I hope to get a chance to develop it further.

Screen shot of Ströva Screen shot of Ströva